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Shamrock Realty Group / Greater Ocean City, MD
Sales Agent for Shamrock Realty Group, 11049 Racetrack Road,
Ocean Pines, MD, 410-641-5000.  Accepting listings as a sales agent,
helping people as a buyer's agent, and other Realtor duties.

Company is also affiliated with T&G Builders & Custom Design.  Helping
people build the new home of their dreams as well as top quality renovations.

Reliant Broadcast Services:
Produces and reports traffic for radio group "The Highway Stations", Covering
San Bernadino and Barstow, CA along with Las Vegas and Laughlin, NV.
Reports for WNAV, Annapolis, MD and WTTR, Westminster, MD, The SOMAR
Radio Group in Southern, MD. LLC:  

Company site is, click

An information site for the resort area of Ocean City, Maryland.  

I created and maintain the site.  More than  228,000 visitors since
September, 2007.

Advertises my summer rental property, The Ohana.  Click