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Traffic Reporter/Broadcaster
Promotions/ Internet
Starview 92.7/Morning Show Promo Pic/ Summer 1988:  Steve
Raymond and I posing for our portrait as members of the Morning
Wrecking Crew, the morning show on WHTF, York, PA.  Steve is a
successful program Director at WZXL in Atlantic City, NJ and has been
for the past 15+ years!
Tuck Everlasting, Berlin, MD, Summer 2001: Working as an extra (or
"background artist" if you want the official title) for the Disney film,
.  Kathy and I are doing a mock Diet Coke commercial!
Tuck Everlasting, Berlin, MD, Summer 2001: A self-portrait with some
of the cast in the shot, wearing their period costumes.  I am really good
at holding the camera for those self portraits!